Bakery 129 is a small, family run business located in the heart of Virginia's pastoral countryside. We produce high quality, handmade desserts tested in our own kitchen and generously reviewed by our friends and neighbors. Only those baked goods deemed absolutely delicious and satisfying are offered to our online customers.

At Bakery 129 we want to be good stewards of the earth and its resources. We make every effort to use organic ingredients when feasible, obtain the majority of our eggs from a local source raising free-range hens, and use only rBST-free dairy products. Additionally, we have designed packaging that utilizes as much biodegradable and/or recyclable product as possible.

David Deal specializes in location photography, with an emphasis on dramatic, composed portraiture. He works with a wide range of editorial and advertising clients and has traveled extensively within the United States and Europe. David eagerly undertook the Bakery 129 assignment knowing the sweet reward to follow. His eye for clean, sophisticated images matches Bakery 129’s emphasis on product excellence. Learn more about David at